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Gas and Electrical DIY Work to Be Labelled as Illegal


Gas and electrical work is crucial for the health and safety of every household and must not be underestimated at any time – MPs have warned.

The Communities and Local Government Committee recently produced a report looking at the potential risks of doing DIY work in high risk level trades such as gas and electrics. The report also aims to raise public awareness about health and safety procedures, as well as encouraging people to work more responsively.

The report suggests that electrical equipment sold in DIY stores should be labelled with signs, warning that it is illegal for a none qualified person to carry out electrical work in the home, such as the installation of electrical sockets. It also states that all electrical checks need to meet the requirements of the Building Control Service.

The Committee estimates that too many home owners do not realise the danger of undertaking gas and electric work in their homes. It also concludes that too often people are using sub –standard engineers who do not take full liability for faulty gas or electrical work.

Clive Betts, Chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee, said that more needs to be done to alert households of the dangers of using sub-standard electricians. He also emphasised the importance of completing regular maintenance checks on electrical circuits in the home.

Mr Betts said: “The committee will be writing to all the big electrical/DIY stores to highlight this key recommendation. Such labelling is vital to reinforce the important message to the general public that they must use a registered electrician to carry out electrical work in the home. It will also reinforce a broader health and safety message that electrical work can potentially be extremely hazardous.”

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Four Builders Hurt in Police Station Blast


As reported on BBC News today, four builders have been injured in an explosion at a police station in Croydon, South London.

One of the builders remains in a critical condition with serious burns after the explosion took place in the basement of Croydon Police Station – the local media has reported. The four injured builders are understood to be contractors who have been carrying out work at the premises.

Health and safety officials are investigation the cause of the explosion which still remains unknown. Police officials have confirmed they are reviewing the case as a “non-terroristic” incident.

A police spokesman for Croydon Police Station said in a statement that people from the building were evacuated whilst the police force remained “fully operational”. However, they were unable to specify what building work was taking place involving the contractors.

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