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Train4TradeSkills Radio: Gas tutor Anthony Scotto talks about gas training with T4TS, Part 2

Anthony Scotto is a gas tutor at Train4TradeSkills fulfilment centre in Worcestershire. Train4TradeSkills Radio spoke to Anthony to find out what students make of his training and how they are going to use it to develop their career.

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Train4TradeSkills Radio: Andrew Kent talks about plumbing training with T4TS

Andrew Kent is training to become a plumber with Train4TradeSkills. Train4TradeSkills Radio interviewed Andrew to find out how his plumbing course is going.

You can listen to Andrew’s Interview from Train4TradeSkills Radio via AudioBoo at:   
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Best Young Plumber in the World Awarded Medal

Shane Trevitt from Llkley, West Yorkshire, was named the best young plumbing and heating engineer this year along with 86 other prize winners who attended the Annual Building Awards Ceremony in Leeds.

Jarrod Best, managing director of Leeds-based GMI Construction, who started his career as an apprentice at Leeds College of Building presented the awards to the winners.

He said: “It’s fantastic to be invited back to these events and to meet the next generation of students entering the construction industry. Leeds College of Building has a reputation for producing top quality apprentices and the fact that 87 students were collecting prizes for excellence is testament to this.”

Roofer apprentice, Matthew Timby, won gold in the young roofers section of the International Federation of Roofing Contractors World Championships.

Mr Best said: “A career in construction offers so many possibilities and everyone I spoke to at this awards ceremony certainly has the potential to enjoy long and successful future in the industry.”

Chris Thornton, from Leeds, won the Governors’ Award for his willingness to help his peers and the overall contribution he made throughout his studies in civil engineering.

The 27-year-old, who works at Hydrotec Consultants, said: “Winning this award is a great achievement, especially when you consider that the college had more than 7,000 students to choose from. It will definitely stand out on my CV throughout my civil engineering career.”

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